A bit of THIS and a bit of THAT!

About Me

My Name is Osprey Terasaur and I am an Avatar in the World of Second Life … Most call me either Osprey or Os for short 🙂

This Blog is mainly for myself to keep a record of the things I do or learn while exploring, building, shopping, decorating, clubbing and most importantly making new friends in Second Life! Love to make new friends so all are welcome to comment and give me opinions and suggestions on just about anything they like or dislike.

I named my Blog PHAYDRA because it means a Girl Who is A Little Bit Of Everything … Sexy, Smart, Fat, Skinny, Lazy, Dumb, Blonde, Brunette, Athletic, Frail, Nice, Mean, Bitchy, Kind, Uptight, Easy-going, Shy, Outgoing, Ugly, Beautiful, Tall, Short, Cheap, Expensive, Sophisticated, Naive … I’m a bit like that, or so I have been told … Maybe it’s because I’m a Gemini! The Wonderful thing about the World of Second Life that fits me so well is you CAN be a bit of anything and everything … Male or Female, Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost, Favorite Super Hero, Movie Star – Just about anything or anyone you wish to be.

Mainly PHAYDRA will be a Picture Diary/Journal of my adventures in Second Life … A Bit of THIS and a Bit of THAT! As a crazy shopaholic expect lots of shops to be mentioned with pics of my favorite items and naturally my favorite friends. Shopping and Building Tips will be greatly appreciated!

As for My personal life I have my own land in Second Life which I share with my Husband, an Avatar named Wolfguard. He is the Black Wolf and I am the White Wolf, metaphorically of-course, we play Human toons pretty much 99% of the time. He is also my Husband in RL! He has discovered Texas HoldEm Poker and pretty much spends most of his time there and very little time in SL these days.

I hope those that check out PHAYDRA have fun and enjoy it!

Those who wonder what Second Life is can check it out by watching some videos HERE  or sign up and play HERE.

2 comments on “About Me

  1. landacrystal
    April 4, 2015

    Loved! 🙂

    • Osprey Terasaur
      April 28, 2015

      Awww Thanks … Now I really need to get busy on posting things on a timely basis as soon as I get my view updated and get back inWorld after a looong AFK!! 😀

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